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What are the benefits of using virtual office services?

What are the benefits of using virtual office services?
November 13, 2013  |  Virtual Offices

Oh, where to begin! The virtual office model has been around for more than a decade, transforming the traditional business landscape as we once knew it. But it still remains a peculiarity for many people who are either unaware of its existence or unsure exactly what it is.

The benefits are aplenty, particularly for sole-traders, small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs, any of whom operate within a limited budget and lack the resources to efficiently carry out certain tasks single-handedly.

Virtual office clients enter into a service-level agreement of their choosing with the virtual office provider. This allows their business-related phone calls and mail to be handled and managed by a team of telephone receptionists, without the need to hire employees or lease actual office spaces.

Virtual office services also provide prime, upscale virtual office addresses for businesses, as well as conference rooms and touchdown office facilities for conducting meetings and other business activities, as and when required.


The traditional office setup requires business owners to purchase or hire all of the physical infrastructures they needto conduct their activities. Office equipment, furniture, staff and office space are all costly necessities for many businesses, and the fees and maintenance costs associated with all of these things can be astronomical and unfeasible for many business owners. Not to mention the extra time involved in the initial set-up, the related administration duties, answering calls and dealing with correspondence.

In addition to the valuable time you will save by having a professional receptionist handling your calls and mail, virtual office services offer significant savings from the costs associated with rent, utilities, office equipment and staff. You are not required to commit to long-term contracts – you will have the option of signing up on a month-by-month basis, making it much easier to budget and manage your finances.

Increased productivity

Using the services of a virtual office provider can boost your productivity and efficiency at work. You will be assigned a team of dedicated virtual receptionists who will be fully briefed on your business and client list, and all of your business calls will be answered in your company name. You will then have the option of calls being forwarded to your own number or having thereceptionist take a message if you unavailable. You can then respond to these messages at your own convenience.

By having the majority of your communications dealt with by virtual receptionists, you will avoid constant interruptions and will be able to manage your time more efficiently, allowing you to focus on the many important tasks requiring your attention. This service also prevents you from missing important calls, which means your existing and potential clients won’t be met with adreaded answering machine message during working hours. This can be very off-putting and does not create the most professional, reliable image for your business.


Many businesses simply cannot afford a prime office location, but this does not mean the image of your business should suffer. Virtual office providers offer a prestigious, upscale address for your business. This can add an element of status and create a professional image for your business, much more than a home address can.

Rates are affordable and designed to make small businesses more attractive and appealing to clients, suppliers and lenders by projecting an established, corporate image. This sort of impression will make other companies and individuals feel more confident with the ability, commitment and reliability of you and your business.

Reduced risk for new and existing businesses

Starting a new company or expanding an established enterprise will always come with certain risks. But you can reduce this uncertainty by using a virtual office service to ‘test the waters’ or explore a new geographical location, instead of entering into a lengthy and costlylease.Your business will face less risk of insolvency if your finances are not being spent on basic infrastructure, equipment, utilities and staff.

Hiring conference rooms and touchdown offices

Virtual office providers offer professional conference rooms and touchdown offices for holding meetings or carrying out business-related activities. These services are available as and when required. Clients, suppliers and investors can be entertained in a professional setting, making your business appear larger and more established.

On some occasions, it may be acceptable to conduct these meetings in more informal settings, such as your house or a local restaurant or coffee shop. For certain meetings, however, it is more befitting to invite people to a business-oriented location. Not only will thiscreate the right impression -this kind of environment is often more conducive to productivity and efficiency.

Blue Square services

Blue Square Offices has been providing business owners with virtual office services for over 14 years. Our practical, affordable and professional services are designed to make your day-to-day activities more manageable, enhance your business image and facilitate its future success. As Glasgow’s leading virtual office provider, we can offer professional telephone answering and mail-handling services; prestigious registered office and business addresses in Glasgow city centre; and, a wide selection of air-conditioned touchdown offices and conference rooms.

Please visit our website for further information or contact us on 0141 353 9300 if you would like to discuss any of our services.

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